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As a Rotary International Official Licensee we are one of very few players in the market that have direct communication with Rotary International and their digital systems. Our system is 100% integrated with Rotary International 

Benefits with our Integration with Rotary International

Automation and trust is important key words where you will be 100% sure that your member directory information is synchronized directly to Rotary International on the fly.   Add members, register attendance on weekly meetings etc - everything is synchronized without the need for any work from your side.

1. Zones, districts or clubs can manage their organization with our easy-to-use software

All changes are automatically copied to Rotary International. Even if you add a new club, remove a member or only change a members personal information - every change in your database is automatically synchronized with Rotary International

2. Attendance is automatically reported to Rotary International

It is simpler than ever to report weekly meetings to Rotary International. Find all your members in your club and just mark the members as met or not, or maybe even the member did some other project work? Club Collaborator will automatically report attendance to Rotary International. 
Club Collaborator Integration

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